Ingrid Breda - De Stokerij in Oudenburg

Ingrid Breda

My name is Ingrid and I am the owner and manager of Hotel de Stokerij in Oudenburg. With eight hotel rooms and one vacation rental, the hotel can be found between Bruges & Ostend.

The hotel started over 26 years ago, with a mixture of business and leisure guests. The leisure guests choose our hotel to visit Bruges or the Belgian coast. The business travellers are mostly technicians for several companies in the region.

I have been working with the products of Stardekk for over nine years now. First Cubilis, we than invested in a new website and now we use Bookingplanner as well. It's a very good system to link all the different platforms. Bookingplanner has several functionalities that come in handy, such as the extensive reporting. For me it was the first Property Management Software I used. Before that, I wrote down everything with a pencil!

All reservations are automatically or manually allocated in Bookingplanner. Next to managing the reservatings I can also print them out, save credit card details as a guarantee, make invoices, download reports and statistics, adjust rates, see an overview of the % of bookings with the different partners, make extras, ... I think I use pretty much every function in Bookingplanner that I know of.

After the setup I easily found my way through the program. You do not need to be a computer expert to work with Bookingplanner. 

Robert van Vliet – La Reine &

Robert van Vliet

Hotel la Reine is a small hotel with 25 rooms in the cozy, charasteristic center of Eindhoven. After taking over the hotel in December 2015, I took care of everything needed to be done to reopen Hotel la Reine on 1 April 2016. During that year I managed the entire hotel, both operationally as commercialy. Since the beginning of 2017 I only focus on the commercial side. The operational management is done by one of my partners.

When we took over the hotel there was not much left. It was almost an empty building. In three months time we had to take care of everything. Luckily we had Stardekk to count, they helped us by supplying us with software which took away a lot of our stress.

The advantage of Stardekk is that they have a lot of know-how and different products all under one roof. For me it was important to be able to work remotely. Because the products are cloud-based, I can work how I want and where I want. The Stardekk products help me reduce my administration and they work like a charm, every time!

I wanted to use a cloud-based PMS , because I wanted to be able to work remotely. it had to be a user-friendly PMS and that is how I found Bookingplanner. We were already using Cubilis and it has proved itself as a channel manager. That is why we asked information about Bookingplanner and tested, use it. 

In fact, I use all functions of Bookingplanner. Within the development of Bookingplanner, I have noticed that Stardekk is open to our wishes and suggestions to make this PMS even better. They keep improving the product! We are working with Bookingplanner for a year and a half and it is amazing to see all the features that have been added in this period of time.

In my advising role within I am enthousiastic about Bookingplanner. User-friendly, clear and cloud-based.


Marijke Termote – Hotel Die Swaene in Brugge

I started 28 years ago in this hotel as a receptionist. Nowadays I hold the title of Front Office Manager and I am in charge of adminstration tasks. But I mainly keep seeing myself as a receptionist.

Both Cubilis and Bookingplanner have simplified the functioning of our back and front office. They are user-friendly programs. Especially Bookingplanner is ideal for small family hotels like ours.
In Bookingplanner you have several reports that help us tremendously. The breakfast list is very practical, a city tax report is just one click away,... The report with the occupation list is an important tool for our hotel. We use it to plan everything: housekeeping, staff,...

Bookingplanner replaced Protel. We have been using this program for half a year now. In comparison to Protel it is a lot more user-friendly and more clear,…

Mostly I use the Dashboard & Planboard in Bookingplanner. From this we manage checkins & outs, reservations,... You can easily switch screens while still keeping everything centralised. This way you can get what you need rapidly.

Once you start using Bookingplanner, you will quickly learn how to use the program. It also pleasant that all our remarks are taken into account. For our hotel we wanted some things differently or adjusted. Stardekk took the time to discuss this with us and a lot of things have been adjusted already. This is one of the key features for us, that Stardekk realy listens to their clients.