Easily manage your hotel or B&B with Bookingplanner PMS

Bookingplanner Property Management System (PMS) is a cloud-based PMS that helps you simplify the daily management of your reservations, reports, invoices ...

Bookingplanner is hotel software that helps you with the management of your hotel or B&B. Optimise front and back office tasks of your hotel or B&B with Bookingplanner PMS and spend more time at increasing the guest experience. 

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  • Automatic room allocation 
  • Automatic synchronisation of reservations
  • Connection with Cubilis Channel Manager
  • Housekeeping management
  • Fast check in/out
  • Extensive reporting/invoicing
  • Flexible user rights
  • Template messages
  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Allows different currencies
  • Integrations: Key card, E-mailinglist, Accounting, POS
  • PCI Compliant

The secure connection (PCI Compliant) with Cubilis Channel Manager makes sure that all the reservations are automatically synchronised with Bookingplanner. The prices and availability are automatically modified thanks to the two-way connection. 

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