The Movement Hotel trusts in Cubilis

The Bijlmerbajes, once famous for being a prison, is now being used as an immigration detention. But on the inside of those walls a little project has emerged: The Movement Hotel.  A pop up hotel, run by refugees. The initiative comes from Movement on The Ground. This foundation wants to help refugees build a new life.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in July, the hotel opened its prison doors and is giving guests a once in a lifetime experience to explore and stay at the notorious Bijlmerbajes prison before it gets demolished.

The refugees are being trained by hospitality professionals and are working with advanced hotel technology. To manage their rates and availability for their reservation channels, The Movement Hotel relies on Cubilis. This is the channel manager from Stardekk, a Belgium based company that develops award winning software for the hospitality industry and has become a trusted partner for big companies such as, Expedia, Google & Tripadvisor.

The Movement on the Ground foundation took an interest in the site after managing projects at refugee camps throughout Europe including supply donations, design improvements and solar panel installations.

Their previous success with Amsterdam community project the Student Hotel lead to a vision for a hotel run by refugees where all profits from the business were put back into training facilities for the staff and that involved initiatives like communal spaces carefully curated with work by refugee artists. As of September 15th, the doors of the Movement Hotel are finally open to guests.

 “We are proud to participate in this project. Not only are we helping to give the hospitality industry the trained professionals they need. This project is giving refugees whose lives were destroyed a helping hand to build a new life. For Stardekk it’s important to have the role of trailblazer. Not only in the hospitality technology, but from a social point of view as well.

Lola, Assistant Manager of The Movement Hotel is happy to have Cubilis as their Channel Manager. “I'm very happy with the collaboration with Cubilis. It’s really convenient and quick to work with.”

The Movement Hotel has 18 rooms and even a restaurant called A Beautiful Mess. All the refugees who are working in the hotel are eligible to work in The Netherlands. While working in The Movement Hotel they can train their skills and gain experience to find a job outside the Bijlmerbajes.