Cubilis vs HotelsCombined

Cubilis Channel Manager (Social Booker) recently partnered with HotelsCombined – a global meta search brand and the technology behind over 9,000 meta sites such as,, and many more. Together the platform is a sizable force in the distribution industry, available in 40+ languages, 100+ currencies and serving over 30 million users every month.

Now, thanks to Cubilis Channel Manager (Social Booker) technology, you can feature your direct rates on this global platform via one easy to setup connection. Once enabled, your direct rates will appear alongside HotelsCombined OTA partners, allowing you to take direct bookings, own the relationship with your guests, build your brand and lower your distribution costs. 

Unlike most other meta search sites, HotelsCombined operates on a straightforward commission model where you only pay for confirmed and stayed reservations. There are no setup costs or complex per click fees to manage. With Cubilis, the setup and management of this channel is quick and easy.