Cubilis connects with Mews PMS

PRAGUE, 24 March 2015: Mews Systems is pleased to announce the launch its latest

integration with one of Europe’s leading channel management systems.

The partnership with Cubilis involved a full 2-way XML connection between the Mews

Commander (Property Management System) and Cubilis. The connection enables instant rate

and availability updates from the PMS to the channel manager, and direct delivery of bookings

into the PMS.

Mews Systems aim is to allow hotels to be connected fully, never having to worry about

overbookings, and ensuring constant availability across all channels to be able to sell rooms at

their rightful value at all times. The instant booking delivery allows the hotel to focus on their

guests rather than on the manual input of bookings and ensure 100% accuracy in data.

The Mews Commander comes with a full online check-in module to allow guests to complete all

registration details prior to arrival to ensure a seamless and quick arrival at the hotel, allowing

hotels to encourage a home atmosphere, without all the administrative hurdles.

“We are very excited to partner with Cubilis, one of the most forward thinking channel managers

in Europe and we hope that our partnership will help hoteliers to further improve their results”

Says Mr Matthijs Welle, CEO of Mews Systems

About Mews Systems:

Founded in 2012, Mews Systems have developed a revolutionary property management solution

that allows hoteliers increased flexibility, operational efficiency and increased revenue

opportunities though its mobile optimized and user-friendly interface, online check-in module

and guest concierge application.

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About Stardekk:

Stardekk, a Belgian company, offers a complementary set of award winning in-house cloudbased

SaaS products for the hospitality industry (hotel software, channel manager, booking

engine, internet strategy). Over 2500 hotels are using the Stardekk services. Stardekk is PCI

Compliant and preferred IT Partner for major industry players like, Expedia and