Cubilis by Stardekk connects with is the only website where discount rises as hotelrooms are booked. The guest can easily see the price of 1 or multiple rooms and can book right away.

This cooperation means that the customers of Cubilis are able to manage their prices and availability of HotelGrouper via the Cubilis system.
Cubilis is an online reservationsystem for hotelkeepers. The hotelier receives instant and commission free bookings through our booking engine on their own website.

Cubilis also provides a channel manager that makes it easy to manage all the different booking channels on 1 central interface.
When a booking has been made, Cubilis will automatically adapt the availability on the other booking channels. That will save you a lot of time and administration.

The concept of is invented in a dialog with several group of hotels. They need a system where ‘staffeldiscount’ automatically was charged to the guest. This makes it possible to offer a special price without an official proposal.

It works like this: the guest enters the date and multiple rooms in the website. HotelGrouper automatically calculates the discount and like that the guest immediately can book at that reduced price.