Save time and reduce administration thanks to our PMS connections

Connect Cubilis Channel Manager to a Property Management System (PMS) and optimise the daily management of your accommodation. Save time and spend more time on improving the guest experience thanks to our PMS connections. 

A PMS helps you perform front and back office tasks faster and more efficiently.  It is an online calendar on which all reservations will be placed. By connecting to Cubilis Channel Manager, all reservations are automatically placed in the system. Prices and availability will be adjusted on all your other booking sites thanks to the two-way connection.

Some of our PMS connections:

  • Base 7 PMS
  • FITS Hotel
  • Taurus
  • Planet Winner
  • Well-Pro Hotel Management
  • Club PLANNER
  • Optima (Silverbite)
  • HorecaTouch
  • HControl
  • Protel Air
  • Van Marcke
  • Darius Webhotel
  • NovoRes
  • New Hotel Pms
  • Elbe Development
  • Hart Pms
  • Bookatonce
  • Elina Hospitality PMS
  • Bookzo
  • Mews PMS
  • EIS
  • Restinn pms    
  • 2rs
  • Horecamarketing
  • Fidelio V8
  • GuestDelight
  • Netera Software (Greece)
  • Protel
  • Man Cloud