Cubilis by stardekk becomes Preferred Provider has initiated a Preferred provider program. This program is aimed at optimizing the relationship between the two parties in order to offer the best service possible to our mutual clients, the accommodations using your interface. is pleased to inform you that your Company’s interface has qualified to be included under the preferred providers group.

The Preferred Provider Review initiative not just identifies the best performing interfaces, but this is used as the basis for seeking new business opportunities where IT Partners can potentially participate.

This initiative aims at acquisition possibilities for new accommodation partners on our site, who are currently using your services. If the new accommodation partners comply with the requirements, these are registered and integrated via the Preferred IT Partner interface at once. Additionally, one of the goals of the Preferred Provider Review is identifying suitable quality interfaces which can be recommended to potential new hotel partners asking for an interface.

We believe that the implementation of these actions will enhance business results for your Company, and new accommodation partners.